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Wanted: trainers


Will you join and strengthen our team?

We are a professional and enthusiastic startup full of ideas and ambitious (cycling) goals. Even though we’re not able to train together at the moment, we’re staying positive and creating alternatives for our (potential) members. As soon as circumstances permit it, we’ll be full steam ahead! This is why we are looking for trainers.


It’s our dream to open our own venue where we can offer our members the ultimate cycling experience. You come here for indoor/outdoor (cycling) training and workshops, a good cup of coffee, a well-equipped cycling shop and a bike repair service. Everything in this professional Clubhouse revolves around ‘you and your bike’.


We are convinced of allround training. By developing physically, mentally and technically, you’ll become a more complete cyclist, stay healthy and injury-free. This is why we also offer training and workshops for strength, technique, movement analysis, flexibility and recovery. Through cycling trips, social rides and events we celebrate the pure enjoyment of cycling (together).


– You are experienced in guiding cycling groups on the road.
– You enjoy showing your passion and enthusiasm.
– You see today’s circumstances as a way to experiment with alternative forms of training.
– You like to think of ways to bring these ideas to life so we can keep motivating and inspiring our members.
– You want to work in a professional team where your input is welcomed and valued.

If this is you, then we’d love to hear your story. Email  your name and phone number to info@peakcycling.cc and we’ll contact you!

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