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Time Trial Trainings by Stach Aarts 2024

Peak Cycling - Time Trial Training Stach Aarts

In June time trial specialist Stach Aarts treated us on four great trainings at the cycling track.

Stach is one of our guest trainers this season and is specialised in time trials. He started watching the Tour de France with his dad during the summer holidays as a teenager. Though he was initially more into ball sports (football, rugby, golf and lots of tennis), he bought his first racing bike in 2008 and put his fascination of watching the pros into practice. A couple of years later he started running and swimming as well. When he bought his first time trial bike, his triathlon passion began, all the way up to full distance racing.

In three training sessions, we were prepared for the grand finals on 26 June. It was a very warm and tropical evening, with temperatures nearing 30 degrees. Nevertheless, we were challenged to give our utmost. First the individual time trial: a 4 lap competition, starting at the top of the bridge. With an immediate descent and a bell that rang for the final lap, we felt like real professionals for a moment:-)

After some well-deserved relaxing laps, we prepared ourselves for the last challenge: the team time trial. Conclusion: each group was faster than the fastest rider in the individual time trial. Good teamwork pays off!

We look back on a great training month. Stach’s philosophy of always asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ was absolutely challenging, made us a little fitter and a little wiser too. Impressive guy, very motivating. Thank you Stach!

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