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Wednesday evening trainings on cycling track De Weeren

No matter if you’re a distance rider, speed monster or both; this complete training and riding package allows you to learn, (further) develop and practice all aspects of road cycling, from group riding to individual skills.

Practice makes perfect and repetition is the mother of all skills. Just like the pros.

We strongly recommend all our (future) members who join our club to train ánd ride with us.

Why choose this package? 

  • Gives you the easy option of booking a complete training season with just 1 click
  • Train on the smooth and traffic free(!) asphalt of the cycling track
  • Become a better – and safer – allround (group) rider
  • Reach your personal cycling goals

Read more about our trainings in the Description below.

Not a member yet? Please take into account the following:

  • We ask all riders interested in joining our club this season to do a trial training on Wed evening 5 April first. This way we can get to know each other and we get an impression of your cycling skills and experience. If you’re interested, please send us an email and we’ll contact you.


About our Wednesday evening trainings

About our trainers

Rob Klerkx (chief trainer)

Growing up in Brabant, Rob started training and racing at an early age. Though he finally chose for a professional career in music, he continued cycling and also developed himself as a personal and cycling trainer. Rob knows better than anyone else how to transfer his passion for cycling to other cyclists. Especially by emphasizing the dynamics and surprising variety in aspects of this exciting sports. Rob’s personal approach, solid training structure, regular references to pro cycling and sense of humor characterise his trainings. He knows how to get the best out of everybody!

Stach Aarts (our guest trainer in June)

Another Brabander. He started watching the Tour de France with his dad during the summer holidays as a teenager. Though Stach was initially more into ball sports (football, rugby, golf and lots of tennis), he bought his first racing bike in 2008 and put his fascination of watching the pros into practice. A couple of years later he started running and swimming as well. With the purchase of his first time trial bike, his triathlon passion began, all the way up to full distance racing. Although Stach loves racing his TT-bike, he probably enjoys riding up an Alpe or Dolomite even more. The combination of working as an educational specialist/teacher ánd sports makes Stach the certified cycling instructor and running coach he is: his philosophy of always asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ will absolutely challenge you, make you a little fitter and just a little wiser:-)

About the trainings

You’ll practice and train ALL aspects of what road cycling is about.

  • Train at your own level (we split up into groups)
  • Train your individual bike skills and technique (e.g. steering, taking curves, gearing, riding lines, coordination, balance) and become a more controlled rider
  • Train and experience (the fun of) riding in a group and operating as a team (e.g. different group formations, sprinting, falling back and recuperating)
  • Practice with competitive elements during small group time trials

Location, dates and time

  • Location: Outdoor Cycling Track De Weeren, Beemsterstraat 654 in Amsterdam Noord
    • Ride on this 1.5 km smooth asphalt track with a start and finish line (just like the pros)
    • No traffic so you can fully focus on cycling(!)
  • Dates: 5 12 19 & 26 April, 3 10 17 24 & 31 May, 7 14 21 & 28 June, 6 13 & 20 Sept
  • Summer Break: 5 July – 30 Aug
  • Time: 19:00 – 21:00 (18:30 – 20:30 in April and 18:00 – 20:00 in September because of the early sunset)

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