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Ride Like a Pro – Cycling Training + Clinics (10 weeks)


Ride Like a Pro – Become a dynamic and complete (team) rider
All levels welcome

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Road cycling is a super dynamic and diverse individual team sport. (Experienced) riders are positively surprised when they come and train with us: “There’s so much more to it than I thought. This is real group riding!’

After this training you have improved your technical skills and really know how to ride in a group: together as a team, just like the pros:-) Teamwork is efficient, fun and literally takes you further!

  • Learn and practice all aspects of (group) riding
  • 8 intensive training sessions
  • 2 clinics by our guest trainers Mark en Claar
  • Train at your own level (we split up into groups)
  • NO traffic, so you can really focus and challenge yourself

Note: if you’re new and want to join our Sunday Morning Social Rides, we strongly recommend you to do this training.

  • When: Wednesdays 12 19 26 May, 2 9 16 23 30 June 7 14 July
  • Time: 19:00 – 21:00
  • Location: Cycling Track De Weeren, Beemsterstraat 654, Amsterdam-Noord
  • Min. 10 participants

See Description below for more details on this programme.



Training programme

Training 1 (12 May)
Basic technical (team) skills and communication for safe group riding.

Training 2 Preparation Clinic Team Tactics (19 May)
Breaking away, accelerating and recuperating as a group.

Clinic Team Tactics – Mark van der Vecht (26 May)
Mark is a professional cycling trainer who embraces an integral approach. His motto is: train smart(er), not more. He will guide you through team tactics like timing and using your power efficiently while breaking away, accelerating and recuperating as a group. You’ll learn how to ride smarter as a team.

Training 3 Review Clinic Team Tactics (2 June)
Practice what you’ve learnt during the Team Tactics Clinic the week before and receive feedback.

Training 4 (9 June)
Sprinting and interval training.

Training 5 (16 June)
More sprinting, different sprint formations, gearing, how to ride in a sprint train.

Training 6 Preparation Clinic Team Time Trial (23 June)
Get ready physically and mentally for the team time trial together: check yourselves and your bikes, focus and concentrate, activate your core and warm up. You’ll also learn to cool down.

Clinic Team Time Trial – Claar Schouwenaar (30 June)
Claar is an experienced, enthusiastic cycling trainer/competitive cyclist (she raced Annemiek van Vleuten in her early years). She will guide you through the most important aspects of riding a team time trial. You’ll practice different roles, positions and communication.

Training 7 (7 July)
Practice what you’ve learnt during the Team Time Trial Clinic the week before and receive feedback.

Training 8 (14 July)
Warming-up, and recovery and stretching after a (hard) ride. Low intensity.

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