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Individual Wattbike Test


Individual Wattbike Test

The Wattbike is the world’s most advanced indoor bicycle and offers a real-road feeling. Test your power and pedalling effectiveness, benchmark your performance and you know what to work on this winter!

Your individual test will be adjusted to your fitness level, experience and personal goals.

After the test, you will receive an overview of your results, including an explanation. This will help you to personalise your workouts and training zones and push your performance improvements over winter.

We recommend to test yourself at least 2 times during the off-season to be able to track your progress.

  • When: 19 Oct 2022 – 1 March 2023
  • Date and time: to be set in coordination with you
  • Duration: +/- 45 minutes
  • Location: Duofit, Radioweg 64, Amsterdam Oost
  • We’ll contact you to set a date and time once you’ve signed up

Why do a Wattbike Test? See Description below.

Not a member yet? We’d like to get to know you! Please don’t sign up yet but first send us an email and we’ll contact you. You can combine this test with an intake, so we will get an impression of your cycling experience, goals, fitness and possible injuries.


Test yourself on a Wattbike and gain insight in your performance.

  • Gain insight in your (peak) power.
  • Gain insight in your training zones and your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).
  • Gain insight in your pedalling effectiveness.

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