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Cycling Power Training and more: full package winter programme



Cycling Power Training + Bock Beer Ride + Cycling Nutrition Workshop + Cycling Race Analysis

Cycling Power Training

This 20-week (12 Oct – 1 March, all dates see description below) indoor small group training programme will give you a head start for the cycling season in spring!

How to become a better – and faster – rider? There’s a lot you can do to develop yourself on the bike. But for further progress and to be able to transfer power efficiently to the pedals, you really have to expand your cycling with strength, core & stability and flexibility training. Just like the pros.

Good full-body condition, physical balance and fitness in the holistic sense help you increase your power, improve your position on the bike, recover faster, prevent injuries and keep doing the things you love for longer. Challenge yourself to build the better athlete within you, both on and off the bike!

Winter is the perfect season to work on this. That is why we strongly recommend all our (future) members who want to join us during the outdoor season to also train with us in the off-season.

Read all details about our Cycling Power Training in the Description below.

What else is included in this full package?

Bock Beer Ride with Special Guests Merijn Heijne & Esther de Lange on Sunday 23 Oct 2022

Cycling Nutrition Workshop by professional expert Marianne Dignum on Sunday 27 Nov 2022

Cycling Race Analysis by our trainer Rob & professional road cyclist Piotr Havik on Sunday 12 Feb 2023

Why choose this full package? 

  • Gives you the easy option of booking a complete off-season programme with just 1 click.
  • Includes all our 20 weekly Cycling Power Training Sessions, Bock Beer Ride, Cycling Nutrition Workshop and Cycling Race Analysis.

Not a member yet? Please take into account that we will invite you for an intake. This way we can get to know you and get an impression of your cycling experience, goals, fitness and possible injuries. Please don’t sign up yet but first send us an email and we’ll contact you.

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About our Cycling Power Training

About our trainer

Growing up in Brabant, Rob started training and racing at an early age. Though he finally chose for a professional career in music, he kept cycling and also developed himself as a personal and cycle trainer. Rob knows better than anyone else how to transfer his passion for cycling to other cyclists. Especially by emphasizing the dynamics and surprising variety in aspects of this exciting sports. Rob’s personal approach, solid training structure, regular references to pro cycling and sense of humor characterise his trainings. He knows how to get the best out of everybody!

About the trainings

This indoor small group training programme is developed especially for cyclists. Expect varied training sessions with cycling specific exercises to improve your cycling power.

  • Build up your muscle endurance and strength condition by training your prime movers (back, legs, chest).
  • Work on a more balanced body by training your core stability, suppleness and flexibility.
  • Train and test your progress on a wattbike.
  • Train at your own level.
  • Prevent injuries.

Weekly training in a small group keeps you inspired, motivated and focused. Come out of winter stronger than ever before!

When and where

  • 12 19 26 Oct, 2 9 16 23 30 Nov, 7 14 21 28 Dec 2022; 4 11 18 25 Jan, 1 8 15 22 Feb 2023
  • Wednesday evenings 19:30 – 21:00
  • 20 training sessions
  • Location: Duofit, Radioweg 64, Amsterdam Oost – in the special glass dome overlooking the Jaap Eden Skate Arena:-)

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