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14-Week Strength Training Programme – From Wed 10 Nov 2021


Train Like A Pro: 14-Week Strength Training Programme

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This off-the-bike small group training programme is developed especially for cyclists. Expect varied training sessions with specific exercises. Based on weight lifting, just like the pros. Build up your muscle endurance and strength condition by training your prime movers (back, legs, chest). Work on your core stability, balance, suppleness and flexibility.

5 reasons to join

  1. Improve your endurance and (explosive) cycling power.
  2. Work on a more balanced body and prevent injuries.
  3. Weekly training in a small group keeps you inspired, motivated and focused.
  4. Individual coaching secures that you execute the exercises correctly with optimal result.
  5. You’ll ride faster and longer, with less effort and more comfort.

Come out of winter stronger than ever before!

  • 10 Nov 2021 – 16 Feb 2022
  • Wednesdays 19:00 – 20:30
  • 14 sessions
  • Location: Amstelgym, Amstelstroomlaan 2, Amsterdam

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